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American Roulette

The name Roulette has originated from the French word "Roulette" which means a small wheel. The game was invented in England in the 18th century, the first table being designed at the hands of the Blanc brothers. Primarily there are two types of the game, European and American and a third version is a blend of the primary versions.

Playing the Game Online or Offline

The roulette table consists of 38 slots, colored either in red or black. The American Roulette wheel consists of double zeros that increase the house edge by around 5.3%. The zeros are marked in green colors.

You can bet on a number that the ball will end up on. The wheel is rotated and the ball is tossed in the opposite direction. When the wheel stops and the slot number with the ball resting in it decides the winner. Roulette betting is simple and any new player can learn it. The table has two parts known as "Inside" and "Outside". Online casinos provide helping instructions to players who find difficulty with any part of the game. There are minimum and maximum limits for each and every roulette table and it is up to you to decide how much you want to play.

Non-value chips are used in the American version of the game. A player can buy chips of only the same value, the price of which is determined at purchase time. The chips act as your bets at the roulette table. The chips are collected and distributed on the table by the croupier.

American Roulette vs. European Roulette

Contrary to the special roulette chips used in American Roulette, regular casino chips are used in European Roulette. You may sometimes find difficulty in keeping your bet under track. Hence, it is quite important to monitor your wager. The croupier handles all the best using a special stick. You can bet as long as the croupier declares 'no more bets', beyond which the bets stand discarded.

You can play European Roulette online and enjoy the best bonuses. Online casinos generate results with the random number generator and they also have quite helpful customer support to sort out any of your queries.

Looking overall, a free online roulette casino proves far more beneficial to a player. Most of the players who play on online roulette casinos that offer free games claim that they have been able to make huge amount of money on the basis of the free money provided by the sites. Players can practice roulette by downloading the software free of cost. This option allows them to play the game online at any time and from any place.

These sites also offer detailed information on the ways in which you can use the strategies and the ways in which roulette betting odds can be won.

You will always find a roulette layout clearly described in terms that are easy to understand.