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Top 20 Tips for Roulette

You would think that playing online roulette would be a straight forward procedure, but it seldom ever is. There are a few tips of tricks to get you on the right track, and here are just twenty such hints to help you on your way.

  1. Understand how the betting board works. There is absolutely no point in wagering something you don’t understand, that’s just foolish!
  2. Learning what the two variants are is important. American roulette features a double zero, European roulette only a single on; therefore your chances of winning are increased marginally on European roulette.
  3. Never go all in. It is simply silly to throw all your money behind one number. It looks pretty cool in the movies, but generally, the chances are against you.
  4. Monitor your bank. If you only have one hundred credits to play with, don’t blow it rapidly with five 20 credit bets, bet smaller to build up a solid reserve of funds first.
  5. Keep track of what you’ve won. If you began playing with one hundred credits and you’re up to one hundred and fifty, perhaps you want to walk away?
  6. Just like when you monitor your bank, it is important to monitor your bets. Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose. If the loss of a bet is going to hurt you, don’t wager it!
  7. Always take big wins. If you big up a particularly sizeable win, generally one that would have taken you ages to gather normally, don’t waste it. At least seriously consider cashing out.
  8. Don’t be afraid. Whilst it’s imperative that you don’t blow your stack, there may be a time when you feel adventurous. If you’ve won a lot and don’t feel like walking away, you should feel alright about placing a large bet down. Just make it a sensible one, and if you win again... quit.
  9. If you find yourself way up on what you started with, and you’re suddenly losing very rapidly, don’t allow yourself to fall below what you started with. Quit when you’re right back to square one. You won’t have won anything, but you won’t have lost anything either.
  10. Understand your temperament. If you feel that it’s the games fault that you’re losing and you insistently blame the game for cheating you, perhaps roulette isn’t for you.
  11. Understand tips. Roulette is a gambling game; there are no tips to instant success, only tips to stop you going bankrupt. Remember that!
  12. Learn about betting systems. A betting system is the method behind your madness. How you bet, how much you wager, what bets you make, etc. Find out what yours generally is.
  13. Don’t go crazy. Beginner’s luck may or may not occur, but don’t be silly and assume that you are entitled to a big win because the house edge is only around five percent.
  14. Alternate your betting strategies. Most gambling is about luck. If your betting strategy has failed, alternate it to a different one. Find out which one works for you best.
  15. If you’re a first timer, practice. Play low funds games, and only bet the minimal amount. This will at least help you understand exactly how often you are likely to win.
  16. Also if you’re a first timer, play on the colours or odds and evens. This gives you just under a fifty percent chance of winning on European roulette at least. Fifty percent is far greater odds than a lot of other online casino games offer.
  17. Only bet on one number if you’re loaded. Betting on a single number is an almost sure-fire way to lose your money. The chances are remote. It could happen, but you’d be brave.
  18. Work your way up. Begin with simplistic bets, and work your way up to more complicated ones as you learn the game.
  19. Play against the computer, never attempt to try live dealer roulette games until you’re comfortable with standard online roulette.
  20. It’s just a game. Whether you win or lose, online roulette is at the end of a day just a game. It can be an expensive one, but that’s up to you.

Follow those hints and tips and you should do just dandy and take a sense of enjoyment out of your online roulette. It is after all, just another online casino game!