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Online Roulette Tournaments

It is only the second of the tournaments that is taking place online at the America online casino. This time it is a roulette tournament, the first one being a blackjack tournament. The tournament is hosting the Multiplayer Roulette which is one of the variants of the game. With an entry fee as low as $/€/£10, players are getting crowded at the tournament. And, the prize of $/€/£1,000 is being distributed as $500 for the winner, $250 for the runner-up and rest of the players up to the seventh position take away $/€/£50 each.

You can easily participate in the tournament at the America online casino. You can easily join the roulette tournament by signing-up from the site of the online casino. And, you will not have to worry about paying the participation fee of $10, as it will be automatically deducted from your casino account. Observing this method of registering is important to get selected for playing the tournament.

The Dynamics of the Roulette Tournament

Players start the tournament with chips worth $/€/£1,000. This money is meant only for playing and not for cashing. You will be able to cash only the money won by you. Every player gets 30 minutes in order to maximize his balance. You need not play for the complete 30 minutes. As and when you are satisfied with your chip balance, you can stop playing before the completion of the time. The unique thing about the tournament at America online casino is that you can leave the tournament anytime in between your play-time and get back to the game whenever you like. Hence, you need to play the game in one go. You can always check your rankings while the tournament is in progress by going through the instructions given on the screen of the tournament section.

The winning prizes are paid out an hour within the tournament ends. Since, you will be able to enter the tournament just once, you should find a convenient time to do so. In case of poor performance, you will not have second chances to explore your skills.

At America online casino you get the chance to play on Multiplayer Roulette with Germany rules. The table used in the game is the American wheel having 36 numbers and double zeros. The rules also consist of 'Zero or Double Zero Rules'. You can remain assured that with even money bets, when the ball falls on 0 or 00 you do not stand to lose your entire bet. In such a situation half of the money bet is returned to you. You can also opt to not lose any money and play the next game in a standing position.